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Northwest Nazarene University (Nr Boise, Idaho) Christian University,Average test scores

This is my first try at writing notes about places that send brocures to my kids who are shopping for colleges. Northwest University seems to be one of a number of Christian colleges that probably sent us mail because I check of "Other" on religion, which is amazingly the only place for generic non-demoninational Christians since they list just about every other demonination known to man.

I'd say that if you're into a Christian college, traditional values, don't mind Idaho, and you're test scores aren't spectacular, try this place out.
Test scores are a tad above the 500 definition of average:
SAT Math 525 average
430-600 range of middle 50%
SAT Critical Reading 535 average
460-590 range of middle 50%
SAT Writing 440-560 range of middle 50%
ACT Composite 23 average
19-25 range of middle 50%

25 percentile is similar to:
19 George Fox University
19 University of Idaho
18 Oregon Institute of Technology
Well below:
21 Washington State University
23 University of Washington

66% of students are admitted, which is  pretty hard for a school in this test score range, since places like U of Washington with higher scores are more like 70%.

They don't give out ethnicity of student body, but it's probably consistent with Idaho, which is pretty much white, though my church has a black pastor that did fine in a college in Idaho.

Here are their some claims to fame out of their brocure:
Ranked by US News and Princeton Review as one of top universities in the west. Well for US News, it is Tier 1, but #54 for Universities-Masters in the West, maybe top tier, but not a top college. It's mentioned in Princeton Review's Book "The Best Western Colleges"

Only 1300 students with average class size of 12. That's really small, like some high schools.
Student faculty ratio is just 15. Grad students do not teach

Business majors scored better than 95% of national business students on ETS exam

Nearly 100% of premed students get into medical school

8 new buildings in past 10 years

100% job placement for education graduates

Nursing largest major on campus

They have a lot of Christian Ministry majors such as:
Children's ministry
Christian education
Worship Leadership
Youth Ministry
Parachurch Ministry

Worship & Music Ministry
  Church Leadership
  Commercial Music

70% of professors hold doctorates (that's GOOD??? Usually you need a PhD to teach)
20 miles west of Boise "the largest metro area" ... in a state that's not very populated....

Crazy activities
* Roller scamming (can anybody explain what that is??)
* TWIRP (The woman is required to pay) More on that later....

They make you sign a pledge like this:
lifestyle expectations include, but are not limited to issues such as alchol use, tobacco use
illegal drug use, and sexual purity. ... I agree to live my life in harmony with the printed and
announced policies that will be in effect (Man do the Mormons have rules like this at BYU???)

Intramurals:  Powder Puff Football (they probably have a lot of women)

All campus chapel services 3 mornings a week

Every freshman dorm wing has its own Bible study leader (it's that kind of a place)

Sample student profile:
Tyler Hill Video Game Tester Microsoft Game Studios, Seattle Wash Class of 2004 (some of these people do land cool jobs)

Sample Employers
Harborview Medical Center Seattle (best trauma center in Seattle/Northwest)
Hewlett Packard
Peace Corps
US Army Military Intelligence (hows that for contrast)
US Drug Enforcement Agency
Walt Disney
World Vision (Christian )

$21 million in aid per year, 95% of students get aid

Average difference in loans for graduates compared to public education is $4,000 (that means you'll have to pay $4,000 more at end of 4 years)

This is really interesting: You can get standard admission as a junior if you meet 2 of 3 a) 2.5GPA or better out of 4.0 b) top 50% class rank c) ACT composite 18 or above or SAT 870 for above math + reading. Homeschool students need transcript of list of courses and grades received.;

Cross cultural experience requirement means that “a semester studying abroad, a missions trip or summer overseas internship is just part of the deal, not an extra”

No restrictions on car (It’s Idaho, what do you expect?)

NNU’s forsenic team is nationally recognized

Now more on that .... TWIRP is the largest group date you will ever go on…... ladies find a date, and take the guys out for a two day extravaganza

wingeding .. ta of a dorm wing plans a group outing and chooses a wing from a dorm of the opposite sex (no mixed gender dorms??) to take along. Sounds like the Christian version of a frat party.

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