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Stanford Policy for Middle Income Parents - Free if you're under $60,000

Are you sunk if your parents make $60,000-$100,000? My dad only made $20,000 on one income in the mid 1970s, which was about half the cost of a house or 10 times what a cheap car cost. With 7 kids, we managed to get into MIT and Stanford for pretty much $1,000 for the first kid for the first year, with annual cost of something like $6,000, which would be 1/3 that salary. They paid no contribution after that. Now $100,000 won't buy you any houses in Seattle, and will only buy you maybe 6 new cars.

Colleges are now bending over to make a deal if you're considering sending your kids to the "cheap" state college. Here's Stanford's deal according to their viewbook:

Stanford costs in 2009: Cost $37,380 tuition, $11,463 room and board, $3,385 personal, $1,485 books and supplies, orientation fee $438 Campus Health Service fee $501, total $53,652, or half of what a $100,000 family makes before taxes are taken out.

  • Parents earning under $60,000 will not have to contribute anything
  • $60-$100,00 will pay somewhere between $0 and cost of room and board. Tuition will cover tuition
  • I guess if you make over $200,000 you'll have to pay a lot.
  • Student expected to pay 5% of savings anually, contribute $4,500 in scholarships, summer or academic year earnings, or student loans. So if your kid has saved up $1000 in birthday money for a bike, they won't take it all.
Stanford requires CSS Profile by Feb 15 (Nov 15 early), FAFSA by Feb 15 (March 1 early)

California's higher-education debacle --

California's higher-education debacle --

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Shangai ranking of best universities 2009

Shangai ranking of best universities 2009 from

Why Brown is number 69 is just crazy, it's rated the same as BU which isn't even Ivy League, and much, much harder to get into. University of Washington is just a few notches down from Cornell.

1 Harvard 2 Stanford 3 UC Berkeley 5 MIT 6 CalTech 7 Columbia 8 Princeton 9 Chicago 10 Oxford 11 Yale 12 Cornell 13 UCLA 14 UCSD 15 U Pennsylvania 16 **U Dub** ..... 69 **Brown???** 74 Boston University

This is the 2009 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) list of the top 100 universities in the world.


[edit] Top 100[1]

Rank University Country
1 Harvard University  United States
2 Stanford University  United States
3 University of California, Berkeley  United States
4 Cambridge University  United Kingdom
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology  United States
6 California Institute of Technology  United States
7 Columbia University  United States
8 Princeton University  United States
9 Chicago University  United States
10 Oxford University  United Kingdom
11 Yale University  United States
12 Cornell University  United States
13 University of California, Los Angeles  United States
14 University of California, San Diego  United States
15 University of Pennsylvania  United States
16 University of Washington  United States
17 University of Wisconsin, Madison  United States
18 University of California  United States
19 Johns Hopkins University  United States
20 Tokyo University  Japan
21 University College London  United Kingdom
22 University of Michigan - Ann Arbor  United States
23 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich  Switzerland
24 Kyoto University  Japan
25 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  United States
26 Imperial College London  United Kingdom
27 Toronto University  Canada
28 University of Minnesota, Twin Cities  United States
29 Washington University in St. Louis  United States
30 Northwestern University  United States
31 Duke University  United States
32 New York University  United States
32 Rockefeller University  United States
34 University of Colorado at Boulder  United States
35 University of California, Santa Barbara  United States
36 British Columbia University  Canada
37 University of Maryland, College Park  United States
38 University of Texas at Austin  United States
39 North Carolina University, Chapel Hill  United States
40 Paris 06 – Pierre and Marie Curie University  France
41 Manchester University  United Kingdom
41 Vanderbilt University  United States
43 Copenhagen University  Denmark
43 Paris 11 – Paris-Sud University  France
45 Pennsylvania State University  United States
46 California, Irvine  United States
46 Southern California  United States
48 Texas Southwestern Medical Center University  United States
49 California University, Davis  United States
50 Karolinska Institute  Sweden
50 Pittsburgh University  United States
52 Utrecht University  Netherlands
53 Edinburgh University  United Kingdom
54 Zurich University  Switzerland
55 Rutgers University, New Brunswick  United States
55 Munich University  Germany
57 Munich Technical University  Germany
58 Florida University  United States
59 Carnegie Mellon University  United States
59 Australian National University (Canberra)  Australia
61 Bristol University  United Kingdom
62 Ohio State University  United States
63 Heidelberg University  Germany
64 Jerusalem Hebrew University  Israel
65 London University – King's College  United Kingdom
65 McGill University  Canada
65 Purdue University  United States
65 Oslo University  Norway
69 Brown University  United States
70 Paris École Normale Superieure  France
71 Osaka University  Japan
72 Leiden University  Netherlands
72 Helsinki University  Finland
74 Boston University  United States
75 Melbourne University  Australia
76 Uppsala University  Sweden
77 Moscow State University  Russia
77 University of Arizona  United States
77 Rochester University  United States
80 Utah University  United States
81 Sheffield University  United Kingdom
82 Nagoya University  Japan
83 Nottingham University  United Kingdom
84 Tohoku University  Japan
85 Basel University  Switzerland
86 Michigan State University  United States
87 Case Western Reserve University  United States
88 Stockholm University  Sweden
88 Texas A&M University  United States
90 Göttingen University  Germany
91 McMaster University  Canada
91 Virginia University  United States
93 Indiana University Bloomington  United States
94 Arizona State University, Tempe  United States
94 Birmingham University  United Kingdom
94 Sydney University  Australia
97 Aarhus University  Denmark
98 Bonn University  Germany
99 Rice University  United States
100 Emory University  United States

[edit] Regional rankings (top 10)

[edit] Asia & Australia

Rank Rank

University Country
1 20 Tokyo University  Japan
2 24 Kyoto University  Japan
3 59 Australian National University (Canberra)  Australia
4 64 Hebrew University of Jerusalem  Israel
5 71 Osaka University  Japan
6 75 Melbourne University  Australia
7 82 Nagoya University  Japan
8 84 Tohoku University  Japan
9 94 Sydney University  Australia

[edit] Europe

Rank Rank

University Country
1 4 Cambridge University  United Kingdom
2 10 Oxford University  United Kingdom
3 21 London University – University College  United Kingdom
4 23 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich  Switzerland
5 26 London Imperial College  United Kingdom
6 40 Paris 06 – Pierre and Marie Curie University  France
7 41 Manchester University  United Kingdom
8 43 Copenhagen University  Denmark
8 43 Paris 11 – Paris-Sud University  France
10 50 Karolinska Institute  Sweden

[edit] North America

Rank Rank

University Country
1 1 Harvard University  United States
2 2 Stanford University  United States
3 3 California University, Berkeley  United States
4 5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology  United States
5 6 California Institute of Technology  United States
6 7 Columbia University (New York City)  United States
7 8 Princeton University  United States
8 9 Chicago University  United States
9 11 Yale University  United States
10 12 Cornell University  United States

[edit] References