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Economist: Harvard Under Fire For Alleged Asian Admissions Quotas

Economist: Harvard Under Fire For Alleged Asian Admissions Quotas

excerpt:Nov 29th 2014

Affirmative action Harvard under fire

Does the university impose silent quotas against Asian-Americans? Nov 29th 2014

IN 1978 the Supreme Court, in the Bakke case, struck down racial quotas in higher education. Summing up, Justice Lewis Powell called the undergraduate admissions policy at Harvard an “illuminating example” of a better approach. The elite Ivy League institution did not reserve a specific number of places for poor minority candidates. Instead, it considered race as one of several “plus” factors in a student’s file. Thirty-six years later, Harvard’s method of reviewing candidates is being challenged in a federal district court in Boston. The plaintiffs claim its admissions policy is a quota system in disguise that discriminates against Asian-Americans.

This is the latest legal challenge to affirmative action—and the first to target a private university—hatched by Edward Blum, an activist bent on dismantling Bakke. Among other campaigns, Mr Blum’s organisation, the Project on Fair Representation, recruits students who believe they have been unfairly rejected from universities that use racial preferences.


  • Edward Blum 2008 he helped launch the case of Abigail Fisher, a white woman with a high B+ average who was rejected by the University of Texas at Austin. Ms Fisher lost, and lost again last summer and is petitioning the justices for yet another hearing.
  • Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA), a new vehicle for Mr Blum’s campaign. The SFFA has an impressive poster-child: an unnamed offspring of Chinese immigrants with perfect scores on three college admissions tests who graduated first in his (or her) class at a competitive high school, captained the tennis team and volunteered as a “fundraiser for National Public Radio”. 
  • This may be hard to prove. Harvard rejects thousands of students with perfect SAT scores every year.
  • Jewish quotas: at Harvard from the 1920s to the 1950s, but draws no direct link to discrimination against Asian-Americans now. 
  • Increase in Asians And a table in the SFFA’s own brief shows that between 2007 and 2013 Asian-American enrolment at Harvard went from 15% to 18%, an increase of a fifth that may be hard to reconcile with charges of a silent quota. [But Hu studies in mid 1980s show they were at 15%, and trends showed a sudden cap in both Asian and Hispanic admissions, the two fastest growing up, and almost no growth between 1985 and 2005]
  • Asians have lower admission share than applicants: Asian-Americans made up over 27% of the applicant pool at the three most selective Ivy League colleges from 2008 to 2012, they comprised only 17-20% of the students admitted. This, the SFFA contends, constitutes  [well, it could be a sign, but does not prove] “intentional discrimination” in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  •  if the plaintiffs manage to prove that Harvard sets “a cap on the number of Asians who get in”, Mr Primus says, the university will lose and “admissions at elite colleges will probably change in substantial ways.”


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Hispanic Media Slams Politically Correct Common Core Failures



Though the developers and supporters of the Common Core standards have repeatedly said the purpose of the controversial education initiative is to close the achievement gap between low-income black and Hispanic and white middle-class students, an online Hispanic publication doubts that may happen.
John Benson of Hispanic media site Voxxi, writes, "If some early reports on the controversial Common Core Standards are an indication, Hispanic students in the U.S. are falling behind on the very curriculum that was intended to help them achieve higher proficiency in school."
Voxxi cites the New York State report of its recent Common Core-aligned test scores that show only 23 percent of Latinos are proficient in math, while 19 percent are proficient in English.
“Kentucky is the other state that is utilizing the Common Core Standards, but results from last year’s school year aren’t yet available,” states Voxxi. “Expectations are the achievement gap between Latinos and whites will remain high.”
However, according to Peggy McLeod, National Council of La Raza deputy vice president of Education and Workforce Development, the anticipated effects of the Common Core on closing the achievement gap are long-term and cannot be judged by current scores on Common Core-aligned tests.
“It’s not the Common Core they’re having issues with, it’s the implementation of the Common Core,” McLeod told Voxxi. “The standards are good, they’re high standards. If implemented correctly, kids will be college and career ready. It’s just a matter of providing a robust implementation and strategies specific to Latino kids who might need additional language support.”
“When you look at performance, it will all even out if districts and schools provide appropriate services and provide good high-quality instruction,” McLeod continued. “You can’t put responsibility on Latino kids or their parents.”
According to Common Core patron Bill Gates and the so-called “architect” of Common Core David Coleman, the true purpose of the nationalized standards is to correct what is viewed by liberal political, education, and corporate elitists as societal injustices largely toward Hispanic and black students.
As Breitbart News reported in June, an interview with the Washington Post summarized how Bill Gates pulled off the very “swift Common Core revolution.” The Microsoft founder stated, “The country as a whole has a huge problem that low-income kids get less good education than suburban kids get… and that is a huge challenge.”
Gates’ statement underscored the notion that the Common Core standards initiative is a social engineering project that places education standards and testing ahead of parental and family influences as the major cause of poor student performance in low-income and minority communities.
LaRaza’s McLeod’s statement, “You can’t put responsibility on Latino kids or their parents,” counters the notion of self-responsibility.
Similarly Coleman, now the College Board president, praised the collection of student data via the Common Core standards initiative at a conference in 2013, as a vehicle to reach the “low-hanging fruit,” or low-income and Latino students.

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Bankrate 10 Universities with the richest alumni

Bankrate 10 Universities with the richest alumni

Here is the full slideshow:

10 Universities With The Richest Alumni -

Most are in the USA, two are from the UK

Spoiler results
  1. Harvard University
  2. Harvard Business School
  3. Stanford University
  4. University of California at Berkeley
  5. Columbia University
  6. University of Oxford (UK)
  7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  8. New York University
  9. University of Cambridge (UK)
  10. University of Pennsylvania


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Race Baiting? Apple Tech Workers Mostly White Asian Male

Apple Tech Workers Mostly White Asian Male

Complains Apple is OVER HALF WHITE, but US is 3/4 white, so they are UNDER REPRESENTED. Only Asians are over-represented, but it's obviously not  because of discrimination, and you'd have to use discriminatory quotas to "fix" that "problem", as some colleges tried to do in the 80s, and in the 20s with jewish students.

    1. USA TODAY ‎- 23 hours ago
      SAN FRANCISCO — Apple's diversity numbers aren't much better than the rest of Silicon Valley's. WhiteAsian. Male. The difference: CEO Tim ...Twitter, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, eBay and LinkedIn have reported that their staffs are overwhelmingly male. Whites and Asians make up 88% to 91%.Fewer than a third of its workers globally are female, Apple disclosed.

      In the U.S., more than half of its staff are white, and 15% are Asian. The number of black and Hispanic employees is higher than other major high-tech companies. Hispanics account for 11% and blacks account for 7% of staffers. But those higher numbers are likely due to greater diversity among retail workers in its company stores.

      Just 20% of its technical workers are women; 77% are white or Asian. Because technical employees include engineers from Apple's corporate operations and Genius Bar employees from its stores, 13% are black or Hispanic.
    2. white 55 (less than US population)
      asian 15
      hispanic 11
      black 7
      two or more 2
      other 1

      undeclared 9


      • David W Squires ·  Top Commenter
        So what? Apple isn't stopping anyone from working hard in school with the right major and getting a job at Apple. Apple just wants that highest quality people it can get regardless of gender or race.

        • Don Scotter ·  Top Commenter · Omaha, Nebraska
          "Apple just wants that highest quality people it can get regardless of gender or race."

          Look for to soon be against the law.

        • Mike Jones ·  Top Commenter · Works atTreadstone
          I sense a shakedown coming..... Apple is sitting on way to much cash, and way to many people want it. Time to send in Al and Jesse.....

        • J Thomas Gaffney ·  Top Commenter ·University of Maryland University College
          Apple's work force is mostly Chinese factory sweatshop workers.

      • Dew Time ·  Top Commenter · Math Tutor at Self-Employed
        If more blacks would get into computer science and engineering we wouldn't have this problem. The opportunities are there. Perhaps there aren't enough good role models.

        • Don Scotter ·  Top Commenter · Omaha, Nebraska
          But that's not the message that is being conveyed by this article is it? It's more like, Silicon valley must be actively practicing racial discrimination.

          Mark Jones ·  Top Commenter
          Another "non-surprise," race baiting, war on women, discusting USATD article. Nevermind that 77 percent of all Americans happen to be white. Shame on USATD and the libs spewing these narratives.
      Jamie Hall ·  Top Commenter
      Breaking News! Apple hires computer science majors, who are mostly white, Asian and male.

      Good grief.

      • Don Scotter ·  Top Commenter · Omaha, Nebraska
        Stop the presses !

      • Mike Jones ·  Top Commenter · Works atTreadstone
        more like. Breaking News: The NBA hires mostly Black Athletes who are over 6 feet 4 inches in height. 

      • Jim Weber ·  Top Commenter
        Mike Jones - It's all a progressive game where at the end, everyone loses. When a culture is morally bankrupt, without a shared vision, and bored, they dream up this sort of stuff.
      Apple lacks diversity in its tech jobs
      Boston Globe‎ - 10 hours ago

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