Monday, December 28, 2009

Polytechnic Institute of NYU "NYU Poly"

Polytechnic Institute of NYU "NYU Poly" is as tech university in Brooklyn that just recently got attached to NYU in 2008, but not nearly as well known as other tech schools

The good news:

  •  "Dean's" application waives $50 application fee 
  • Priority deadline of Feb 15 is relatively later than most colleges 
  • Formerly Polytechnic University for 154 years, "Polytechnic University affiliated with New York University to form Polytechnic Institute of NYU on July 1, 2008 - with the aim of creating the most comprehensive school of engineering, applied sciences and technology in the New York area. This affiliation connects our students with the largest university in New York, and offers them access to an expanded breadth and depth of academic resources."
  • Ranked "A Best Northeastern College" by Princeton Review 2009 
  • Ranked #7 among engineering schools in the U.S. for "Salary Potential" by 
  • Home to three Nobel Prize winners, three university presidents, 2000 CEOs. 
  • Creator of B.E.S.T (Brooklyn Enterprise on Science & Technology) a business incubagor program that assists students and faculty in launching their own companies. Home to more than 14 start up companies located on campus.

The not so good:

  • US News rates it as "tier 3" as a national university, which isn't great 
  • SAT math range of 510-610 is comparable to Embry-Riddle in AZ, other colleges in that range are Western Washington University, Washington State University, and Florida Institute Technology, but well below Worcester Polytechnic, RPI, Stevens, or University of Washington. Comparable to upper range of "Cal State" but below "University of California" campuses. 
  • Stevens Institute across the river in Hoboken is better ranked. (84 national US News, SAT math 620-700 their 25 matches NYU poly 75) 
  • Despite the modest academic ratings, the Fall 2008 acceptance rate was 54.6%, which is much more difficult to get into than many higher rated schools such as Santa Clara University or University of Washington at about 70%, which may have to do with being the best tech college in the city.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Barry University: you are eligible to receive $14,500!

We just got a letter from Barry University (Miami Shores FL "It is, therefore my pleasure to inform you that based upon the information you provided to [testing companies] you are eligible to receive an annual award of $15,500. Over the course of four years of enrollment, your award will total $58,000. Congratulations!

This is the only place that promises you a scholarship without even applying. Since we got a similar one last year, I expected "based on information you provided, congratulations on your admission"

Too bad it's in Florida (we're into CA, WA and MA) and it only covers half of tuition, and their test scores are way, way below our candidate. But check it out if you want a scholarship promise without even applying.