Friday, September 4, 2015

WSJ: Hey, Millennials, Want to Pay Off Student Loans? Consider These Careers

 a new report from Young Invincibles, a Washington-based group that represents the interests of young Americans, that dives into data from the Labor Department to attempt to identify the top jobs for millennials—the current generation of young people trying to launch their careers in a rapidly changing labor market.
To come up with its list, researchers Konrad Mugglestone and Tom Allisonconsidered three factors. First, the occupation’s median salary, to give a sense of what occupations may pay by mid-career. Second, the occupation’s projected growth in coming years. (Ask any journalist and you can get an earful about how a career path in a shrinking industry can be tough.) Third, whether a significant number of young people are in an occupation. Being a chief executive is great, but you don’t get hired for that role at age 22.