Here’s some spooky news for law schools. The number of law school admission tests administered in October is down nearly 11% from the previous year, according to new data from the Law School Admission Council.October LSAT takers numbered 33,673 versus the 37,780 who sat for the test the year before. It’s the fewest number of October test takers since 1998 and the second-lowest figure going back to at least year the 1980s. The half-day LSAT is given four times a year in annual cycles starting in June

    • Even after the latest shakeout, we still have at least twice as many lawyers as we need.
    • Less lawyers is a good thing for our economy and our society.
    • Is the decline because fewer entering the field by choice or by demographics. There has been a definite decline in the US birth rate over the years with 10% or so fewer generation Xers being born than previously. As that trend continues, one would expect to see it ripple through all segments of society and simply comparing raw numbers is misleading. If the decline is because people are looking at different career paths that is a different problem to solve (if you are a law school) than if the decline is because there are simply fewer students overall.