Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Colleges That Prefer Ladies: Unfair to Men?

Colleges That Prefer Ladies: Unfair to Men? 

Are Olin, MIT, Digipen Admission Rates / Quotas for Women Unfair?

In the 90s, I wrote in Asian Week that it was easier for women to get into MIT than Wellesley. Though that doesn't seem the case any more (W=33% now), it is still the case that at some of the most elite tech schools which admit men and women in near 50/50 ratio and which will never admit they have a 50/50 diversity quota, the admit rate of women will be 2 to 3 times the rate of men, a ratio similar to that of affirmative action minority groups which colleges will also never admit that they have diversity quotas/goals/preferences even though they consistently oppose laws which make quotas/goals/preferences illegal.

Olin bills itself as a super-elite mini MIT/CalTech, but how elite can it be when half of the students have an admit rate of 70% which is higher than most flagship state universities?

Also interesting is that places like Digipen which a lot of people lump in with technical trade schools is now pretty hard to get into at ~30%. They're placing people into top video game compaines, and I'm hearing glowing reviews of Digipen hires from Microsoft managers. Northeastern which was thought of as a commuter school in the 70s is now a backup for Harvard / MIT like Boston University and harder than WPI. Both Digipen and NE are also around 30%, where Wellesley is now. One girl I knew who got into Harvard also applied for Northeastern

For the record, I got into MIT and Stanford in the 70s with a 650V 720M, my essay on the future of the F-18 Hornet was too geeky for Harvard (plus they already had Yo Yo Ma and Lynn Chang and didn't need another Asian violin player I guess). I was wait listed for Cal Tech. Closest the next generation has gotten is U Chicago, a girl on a swimming scholarship, that's now a top 10 school with < 10% admit rate for incoming class.

I don't have enough information to determine if MIT was giving preferences to Asians back then, but I wasn't far from average, and concertmaster probably helped get me in. I'm pretty sure Brown had Asians on the preference umbrella because Asians complained "quotas" when actually they just stopped getting preferences.

Acceptance Rate By Gender
Olin M=19.3% F=69.7% 1:3 (Easier than top state universities for women)
Caltech M=9.2 F=23.1 1:2.5
MIT M=7.6% F=15.9% 1:2
Digipen M=29.4 F=54.9 1:2
WPI M=55.9 F=68.6 1:1 (No bias)
Northeastern M=37.8 F=38.0 1:0

(search for other colleges under admission chances - they don't break down by race, but if they did it would show similar disparities)

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