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Jesuit Verbum Dei High School in Watts Sends 100% To College

Jesuit Verbum Dei High School in Watts Sends 100% To College

Outstanding school focused on educating the black community in Los Angeles is famous for sending poor minority students who enter 1 or 2 years behind and send 100% to college. It emphasizes hard work and academic exellence and christian values rather than political activism.  It serves 330 students 15 students/teacher. By race: White, non-Hispanic 7% Hispanic 63% Black, non-Hispanic 30%

Verbum Dei High School is an all-male Catholic,Jesuit, college and career preparatory school in Watts area of Los Angeles. Verbum Dei was founded in 1962 by the Catholic Society of the Divine Word to serve the educational needs of the black community of South Los Angeles Only 2.9 percent of Watts adults have a four-year degree.  According to ABC-7, the students are all one to two years behind academically when they arrive at the Catholic Jesuit all-boys school, which is located next door to a public housing project.

Watts demographics: Hispanics make up 61.6% of the population, with blacks at 37.1%, non-Hispanic whites 0.5%, Asian 0.2%, and others 0.5%. Mexico and El Salvador were the most common places of birth for the 34% of the residents who were born abroad, an average percentage of foreign-born when compared with the city or county as a whole.

Inner-City All Boys School Sends Every Graduate to...
www.socio-political-journal.com Verbum Dei, an all-boys Jesuit school in Watts, ... Verbum Dei's students entered highschool about

Students At All-Boys High School In Inner City LA Are Making Headlines For All The Right Reasons IJ Review  BY JENNIFER VAN LAAR The Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles is one of the roughest neighborhoods in the city. Only 2.9 percent of Watts adults have a four-year degree

But 100 percent of Verbum Dei’s graduates are heading to college in the fall.

Image Credit: Twitter/DaveMechamTime

Almost all of the boys will be the first in their family to go to college. Juan Perez, Jr., is headed to St. John’s University in Minnesota....Students at Verbum Dei participate in an innovative work study program with corporate partners, working one full day a week and attending school the other four days.... working for their tuition, students are invested in their schooling and determined to succeed, according to school officials.

Verbum Dei High School - Official Site
www.verbumdei.us Verbum Dei High School is a Catholic, Jesuit, ... Verbum Dei High School: Developing Men for Others (Video) What's Happening! School Calendar. Contact ...

Ratings and Reviews for Verbum Dei High School in...
The principal of Verbum Dei High School is Rev. William Muller, 330 students 15 students/teacher
White, non-Hispanic 7% Hispanic 63% Black, non-Hispanic 30% 

Verbum Dei High School in Los Angeles, CA

Verbum Dei High School - Welcome to the Society...
After the Jesuits took over Verbum Dei High School in Los Angeles in 2000, the school began accepting only low-income students and doubling up on core classes.

Verbum Dei High School - Wikipedia Verbum Dei High School, colloquially referred to as "the Verb”, is an all-male Catholic,Jesuit, college and career preparatory school complemented by a corporate ...

Verbum Dei High School

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Verbum Dei High School
11100 South Central Avenue
Watts, Los AngelesCalifornia
United States
Coordinates33°56′5″N118°15′12″WCoordinates33°56′5″N 118°15′12″W
MottoWorking in the JesuitTradition;
Ad majorem Dei gloriam
(For the greater glory of God.)
Religious affiliation(s)Roman Catholic;
Society of Jesus
PresidentRev. Michael Mandala,S.J.
PrincipalDaniel O'Connell, Ed.D.
Asst. PrincipalBrandi Odom Lucas, Ed.D.
Average class size17.8
Student to teacher ratio12:1
Color(s)Blue and gold         
SloganThe School That Works for the 21st Century!
Team nameEagles
AccreditationWestern Association of Schools and Colleges[1]
NewspaperPresent Dei
AffiliationCristo Rey Network
Dean of Counseling & Student AffairsMartinique Starnes
Dean of AdmissionsLorenz Willis
Athletic DirectorDavid Banuelos
Corp Work Study Program DirectorCristina Cuellar Villanueva
Football CoachDavid Banuelos
Verbum Dei High School, colloquially referred to as "the Verb”, is an all-male Catholic, Jesuit, college and career preparatory school complemented by a corporate internship program, serving young men of Watts and the surrounding communities who are economically and academically under-served. It is operated by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles with the sponsorship of the California Provinceof the Society of Jesus
Verbum Dei is known for sending its graduates to some most selective and elite colleges in the United States and has held a 100% success rate for sending graduating seniors to college.[2] Verbum Dei alumni are at schools such as Stanford University, Georgetown University, Yale University, UCLA, UC Berkeley and USC. The school is located in the Watts residential district of the city of Los Angeles, California, a few blocks north of Interstate 105 (I-105) and a few miles east of Interstate 110 (I-110).


Verbum Dei was founded in 1962 by the Society of the Divine Word with the permission and recommendation of Cardinal James McIntyre to serve the educational needs of the black community of South Los Angeles. The school was named after one of JesusepithetsVerbum Dei("the Word of God"). Bishop Joseph Francis, S.V.D. led the founding team and was the school's first principal. The Society maintained a presence at the school until December 2006, when the long-time Verbum Dei faculty/staff member Br. Richard "Rich" Morrill, S.V.D. left because of terminal illness. It remains to be seen if the Society will provide another of its members to Verbum Dei.
At some point, the school expanded its mission in order to also serve the educational needs of the "Latino" community of South Los Angeles.
Verbum Dei's performance began to decline in the 1980s — probably due to the urban decay of South Los Angeles that began in the 1970s — and suffered further during the neighborhood gang wars of the 1990s, experiencing declining enrollment and instability within the administration. However, it received significant financial help in the mid-1990s and improvements were made in various buildings on campus as well as the creation of new ones.
In 2000, Cardinal Roger Mahony asked the California Province of the Society of Jesus to assist in the administration of the school, asserting that the school had to improve significantly by 2006 to avoid permanent shutdown. Verbum Dei became recognized as a Jesuit school at that point. Leading the Jesuit team was Reverend Bill Wood, S.J.. The school became a member of the Cristo Rey Network and adopted its current scholastic model (see Corporate Work Study Program below) in 2002. The school has joint accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA). Verbum Dei also has accreditation by the California Province (CalProv) of the Society of Jesus.
The Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary have been providing a nun to the Verbum Dei staff for several years at least.

Corporate Work Study Program[edit]

As a member of the Cristo Rey Network, Verbum Dei assigns students to jobs that are "donated" by local white-collar companies and non-profit entities in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. This experience is intended to acclimate students to corporate culture, build their character and provide a motive for seeking higher education and productive careers.
The money earned by the students defrays the cost of the students' education. Participating organizations give one “full-time equivalent” student internship for a fee of $28,000. The position is filled by four highly motivated young men from low-income families with an average work attendance of 99 percent. Each student works five full days a month on a rotational basis, and they attend classes and participate in extracurricular activities the remaining days. 97 percent of the student interns receive a performance evaluation of good or excellent. Although most students benefit from various internship experiences, 37 percent of seniors have remained at the company they were placed with in their freshman year.
Verbum Dei takes care of all transportation, insurance, workers compensation, and work permits associated with the student interns. The CWSP staff is assigned to an account as a program coordinator to co-manage the students. This program also offers corporate partners significant social and strategic benefits by enabling them to make a very direct and tangible difference in the lives of young men seeking a better future through quality education and work experience in a corporate environment.[3]


Verbum Dei High School has a rich history of athletics success, including national championships in basketball.[4]
  • Basketball: CIF champions - 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1979, 1994, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003; runners-up - 1978, 1990, 1993, 1996, 2004
  • American football: CIF champions – 1981, 1982, 2006
  • Track & field: CIF champions - 1993, 1997, 1998; runners-up - 1979, 1983

Notable alumni[edit]

See also[edit]

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Verbum Dei High School - Los Angeles, CA Quick Facts About Verbum Dei High School • Verbum Dei is a Jesuit college and career preparatory high school that serves economically and ...


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Boston Globe: Asian College Applicants Coached To Be Less Asian

Boston Globe: Asian College Applicants Coached To Be Less Asian

Her parents paid $100,000 for THIS kind of advice???


To get into elite colleges, some advised to ‘appear less Asian’
As lawsuits allege racial quotas at elite colleges, high-achieving applicants call on consultants to help win admission — and receive guidance on minimizing their ethnicity

By Bella English GLOBE STAFF JUNE 01, 2015

Brian Taylor is director of Ivy Coach, a Manhattan company that advises families on how to get their students into elite colleges. A number of his clients are Asian American, and Taylor is frank about his strategy for them.

“While it is controversial, this is what we do,’’ he says. “We will make them appear less Asian when they apply.”

That a hard working, high achieving Asian-American student would want to appear less Asian on a college application may seem counterintuitive. But Asian-American students already make up a disproportionate percentage of the student body at many select schools, compared to their share of the general population.

And that’s the problem.

Some call it “the bamboo ceiling” of racial quotas, telling stories of Asian-American students with perfect SAT scores and GPAs turned down by elite colleges who limit the number of Asians they will admit, effectively forcing them to face a higher bar for admissions than other racial groups, including whites.
... continued

 don’t write about your immigrant family, he tells them: “Don’t talk about your family coming from Vietnam with $2 in a rickety boat and swimming away from sharks.”

Her father,  contacted Asian Advantage when his daughter was a sophomore. He and his wife emigrated from China, and their daughter was born here. “In general, we have the impression that it’s not easy for Asian Americans to apply to college,” he said..... Ivy Coach offers an “unlimited package” for students for $100,000,

Friday, May 29, 2015

WSJ: U.S. Schools Expelled 8,000 Chinese Students

WSJ: U.S. Schools Expelled 8,000 Chinese Students

As tens of thousands of Chinese students prepare to study in the U.S., they might reflect on the experience of some of those who went before them. According to an estimate by a U.S. education company, some 8,000 Chinese students were expelled from American universities last year alone – and the main reasons were poor grades and cheating.

The estimate by WholeRen Education, a U.S. company that caters to Chinese students, was based on official U.S. data and a survey of 1,657 students expelled from American universities last year. More than 80% of these students were expelled because of poor academic performance or dishonesty, the company said.... continues

... “Chinese students used to be considered top-notch but over the past five years their image has changed completely — wealthy kids who cheat,” said Chen Hang, chief development officer at WholeRen, which is based in Pittsburgh, Pa. ...  Most financed their studies on their own or had scholarships from a U.S. university. Only 4.6% of them were sponsored by the Chinese  government.

...American students who more frequently enter programs that fit their capabilities, Chinese students care most about the reputation of the school,... try get into the top universities.... that different education standards and different attitudes toward unacceptable behavior were partly to blame.... problem with  entire higher-education system in China,” said the unsigned commentary....

So True wrote:
I remember when I was going to University at San Francisco, every time before class the Chinese students would all get together and copy their answers. It's like they weren't even aware that they were cheating because they were so open about it. Shanghai culture.

12:39 pm May 29, 2015
tea and Dim sum wrote:
What else is new? China being China

1:09 pm May 29, 2015
Idk wrote:
Perhaps it is of use to mention that the 8,000 expelled only constitute 3% of Chinese students in U.S. universities? Unless, of course, one wants to be sensationalist. Then it makes sense not to mention the % because 3% is fairly unimpressive....

1:18 pm May 29, 2015
Anonymous wrote:
8000 is not extremely high. And in consideration of their lack of understanding of US academic ethics it is probably underestimated as much as it is vastly undiscovered or a blind-eye is turned. Part of the issue ( not excuse ) is that Chinese have groupthink and they cluster together in the alien campus. So they suppose it is acceptable and necessary to share answers and work product to all get ahead. Further, Chinese may not be well enough "schooled" (pun intended ) in what exactly plagiarism is in the US post-secondary realm. Copy and paste is tempting when writing a sentence , paragraph and thesis is being asked in a second language. Look - these guys are striving in a second language in a foreign country - some of them may well have bought their SATs and ACTs and TOEFLs just to get the acceptance to college. Desperate students do desperate things. When they should just do their own best original work and take the grade they deserve.

1:19 pm May 29, 2015
Anonymoush!t wrote:
Some of those expelled cina students have now become cina Commie watchdogs on the web !!

1:24 pm May 29, 2015
Jueyi Yao wrote:
8000 is just a small part of the large Chinese students group in U.S. In fact, the americans also do these small tricks.

1:48 pm May 29, 2015
I am wrote:
The report is not balance and informative. It should include also the percentage of US and other countries students expelled. Thus this report sound more like propaganda to me.

3:46 pm May 29, 2015
rentseeker wrote:
I'm currently studying at the best University in South Korea and here the things are even worse. They have a syllabus only for the form, but they teach from other books. When I first arrived here no one told me about this and other things. The have american books in the syllabus, mostly to show it when they apply for US PhD's and then they teach from other materials in class. What's worse they give every year from the same set of problems, for instance in one exam I can swear I saw 5/7 problems from before. It's amazing.

6:27 pm May 29, 2015
old grad wrote:
So, 'only' 8000. Has anyone given thought to the 8000 students who were not admitted to those colleges because unqualified Chinese students took the spots? Maybe 8000 is a small number in the aggregate, but each one of the 8000 rejected represents a opportunity lost. Perhaps they went to other colleges, but not their first choice. That makes this Chinese cheating hurtful and harmful to those denied admission.

6:33 pm May 29, 2015
Anonymous wrote:
Really? how about putting numbers and percentages in there to give everyone perspectives instead of sensationalist bait clicking nonesense.

Had to look this up myself there are 300,000 Chinese Students in the US, with 1,300 dropping out thats only a drop out rate of .43%

Compare to the US dropout rate of 46%

7:07 pm May 29, 2015
Patrick wrote:
How does this compare to the overall expulsion rate?

7:57 pm May 29, 2015
J. Murray wrote:
Cheating is part of the Chinese culture since it's the only way to get ahead in the Communist Party. In 2013, Zhongxiang experienced mass rioting when the testing officials introduced anti-cheating measures. The city rioted because, without cheating, their students would be disadvantaged and couldn't get into prestigious schools. Chinese students go so far as to have hidden transmitters in erasers to collect answers from a paid associate. Stand-in for tests is a huge industry in that country.

8,000 is likely a very small number of the actual cheating population. Just the group that was dumb enough to get caught.

8:14 pm May 29, 2015
P. O'Neil wrote:
In the University of Massachusetts, we find Chinese students to be superior, on the whole. We have had some trouble recently with Indian students cheating.

8:37 pm May 29, 2015
Anonymous wrote:
We also have to note that the agency who did this survey, WholeRen Education, is a one that also lists "emergency consulting for the expelled (Chinese) students" as its core business expertise on its website.

Now they just made the headline on the news...

10:31 pm May 29, 2015
blame yourself wrote:
top 100 US universities are competitive? Make it top 30 please

Worst students from a Chinese high school can easily get into US colleges ranked around 60-100. Incredibly easy! Blame your own greedy schools whose only interested in the money when admitting those students.

I attended a school ranked in the 30+. I have Chinese classmates that will never be able to attend same level of Chinese university with me because of their poor academic record in China but somehow they were admitted by my AOs here in the states. I was fortunate to speak with my school's CFO once. He basically said, Chinese students, they pay! I felt shamed every time I saw my fellow Chinese classmates cheating in a exam. But the fact is, they are horrible students back in China but somehow admitted here in your "top" schools.

The topic of this article really shouldn't be how many students were expelled. but how many bad students were admitted by "top" schools

Check how many Chinese students cheats in top 20 schools?
Check how many Chinese students have 4.0 GPA in 20 schools?

10:55 pm May 29, 2015
Mark Levin wrote:
Our next President - Ted Cruz or Rick Santorum - will expel all the Chinese students. I know both of them are certified lunatic eccentric crack pot. Meanwhile on my radio show I will continue to bad mouth rest of the GOP contenders and also the consultant Karl Rove.

11:13 pm May 29, 2015
I am wrote:
Except a few top universities, majority of US schools are nothing more than degree production lines. The students are mainly there for sex, party, drugs.

11:20 pm May 29, 2015
Bill Wald wrote:
I suspect that relative civility and honesty are the unintended consequences of Protestant Christianity being the US tacit civil religion. Feel free to disagree but our () minds are made up.

11:26 pm May 29, 2015
Holly wrote:
What does any school cheater expect to do for a living if they graduate?

11:31 pm May 29, 2015
CTReader wrote:
The problem likely started with the TOEFL exam that tests students on their English-language skills, a requirement for admission. I suspect many of the expelled students cheated and upon arrival were not able to follow the subject matter.

Chinese Nationals in US charged with making fake passports for exam imposters

Chinese Nationals in US charged with making fake passports for exam imposters

May 28, 2015

Chinese nationals accused of taking SATs for others
BBC News‎  nationals with developing a scheme to have imposters take university entrance exams.

  • Chinese living in US charged in university entrance exam fraud ring
    Sydney Morning Herald‎

    US charges 15 Chinese citizens with conspiracy, fraud over college entrance exam scam
    Radio Australia‎More news for chinese entrance exams imposter

    15 Chinese nationals charged in passport, test taking fraud ...U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement PITTSBURGH — Fifteen Chinese nationals were indicted by a federal ...imposters take college and graduate school standardized entrance ...05/28/2015

    15 Chinese nationals charged in passport, test taking fraud schemes

    PITTSBURGH — Fifteen Chinese nationals were indicted by a federal grand jury in Pittsburgh on charges of conspiracy, counterfeiting foreign passports, mail fraud and wire fraud. The charges stem from a joint U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) investigation.
    The 35-count indictment, returned on May 21, and unsealed today, names the following 12 individuals as defendants: Han Tong, Xi Fu, Xiaojin Guo, Yudong Zhang, Yue Zou, Biyuan Li (aka “Jack Li”), Jia Song, Ning Wei, Gong Zhang, Songling Peng, Siyuan Zhao and Yunlin Sun. The identities of the three additional defendants remain under seal.
    According to the indictment, between 2011 and 2015, the defendants engaged in a conspiracy and a scheme to defraud Educational Testing Services (ETS) and the College Board by having imposters take college and graduate school standardized entrance examinations, such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), and the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). 
    In carrying out the scheme, the conspirators had counterfeit Chinese passports made and sent to the United States, which were used by the imposters to defraud ETS administrators into believing that they were other people, namely the conspirators who would receive the benefit of the imposter’s test score for use at American colleges and universities.  The majority of the fraudulent exams taken by the conspirators were taken in western Pennsylvania.
    “These students were not only cheating their way into the university, they were also cheating their way through our nation’s immigration system,” said John Kelleghan, HSI Philadelphia special agent in charge. “HSI will continue to protect our nation’s borders and work with our federal law enforcement partners to seek out those committing transnational crimes and bring them to justice.”
    “The State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service is committed to working with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and our other law enforcement partners to investigate allegations of crime related to passport fraud, and to bring those who commit these crimes to justice,” said David Schnorbus, special agent in charge for DSS’s New York Field Office. “If criminal enterprises are able to manipulate instruments of international travel for profitable gain, then national security is at risk.”
    “The perpetrators of this conspiracy were using fraudulent passports for the purpose of impersonating test takers of Educational Testing Services’ standardized tests including the SAT, GRE and TOEFL, and thereby securing fraudulently obtained admissions to American institutions of higher education and circumventing the F1 Student Visa requirements,” stated U.S. Attorney David J. Hickton.  “This case establishes that we will protect the integrity of our passport and visa process, as well as safeguard the national asset of our higher education system from fraudulent access.”
    The law provides for a maximum total sentence of 20 years in prison, a fine of $250,000 or both for each count of wire and mail fraud, 10 years in prison, a fine of $250,000 or both for each count of counterfeiting foreign passports, and five years in prison, a fine of $250,000 or both for conspiracy.  Under the federal sentencing guidelines, the actual sentence imposed would be based upon the seriousness of the offense(s) and the prior criminal history, if any, of the defendant. 
    Assistant U.S. Attorney James T. Kitchen is prosecuting this case on behalf of the government.
    An indictment is an accusation. A defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

    Chinese living in US charged in university entrance exam ...
    Stuff.co.nz  Fifteen Chinese nationals living in the United States have been charged with developing a fraud scheme in which imposters took university ...

    15 Chinese nationals accused in US college entrance exam ...
    Shanghaiist   15 Chinese nationals accused in US college entrance exam scam ...intelligent imposters to take college entrance exams for their clients, ...

    U.S. charges 15 Chinese nationals in SAT fraud scheme ...
    CBS News - Imposters allegedly took college entrance exams using counterfeit ... Fifteen Chinese nationals have been indicted by a federal grand jury in ...

    US charges 15 Chinese in college test, passport scam - ABC
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation  Fifteen Chinese citizens are charged with conspiracy, fraud and forging passports as part of a scam to fake college entrance examinations, US ...

    U.S. charges 15 Chinese nationals in college exam fraud ...
    Reuters WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Fifteen Chinese nationals have been ... a fraud scheme in which they paid imposters to take entrance exams, ...

    Wednesday, May 27, 2015

    Wash Post: Why Do Indo Americans Take Abuse for Dominating Spelling Bees?

    Indian Americans dominate the National Spelling Bee. Why should they take abuse on social media for it?

    Joe Heim
    The Washington Post - The Washington Post - ‎Tuesday‎, ‎May‎ ‎26‎, ‎2015
    The streak is as impressive as it is difficult to explain. In much the same way that Kenyan runners ...

    Tuesday, May 26, 2015

    FAA Diversity Hiring Scandal Tosses Test Scores, Technical Training Requirements

    Posted: 26 May 2015 07:46 AM PDT
    By: Roger Aronoff
    Accuracy in Media

    The Fox Business Network (FBN) should be congratulated for launching a six-month investigation into the Federal Aviation Administration’s hiring practices, an investigation revealing complicity between the FAA and diversity groups such as the National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees (NBCFAE). The findings were revealed on “The Willis Report” last week on FBN.
    The investigation resulted in an article by Adam Shapiro, exposing a story of corruption and attempts to stoke favoritism, where an FAA employee and head of an NBCFAE chapter worked to increase the likelihood that minority candidates would succeed under the FAA’s new hiring practices.

    (continued at link above)....  “In fact, the FAA threw out the AT-SAT scores and CTI qualifications of an estimated 3,000 CTI graduates and military veterans who were all previously designated ‘well qualified’ to become air traffic controllers. The FAA told them all to start over. But this time, when they applied for a job, their college degrees and previous military experience would mean nothing. They would now compete with thousands of people the agency calls ‘off the street hires;’ anyone who wants to, can walk in off the street without any previous training and apply for an air traffic control job. The FAA’s only requirements, to apply, are be a U.S. citizen, have a high school diploma, speak English and pass the FAA’s new BQ, Biographical Questionnaire. What Douglas and thousands of other CTI graduates didn’t know was that the FAA was planning these changes long before the agency made them public.”
    But Moranda Reilly, a woman who scored lower on the same test for which Douglas scored a perfect 100, joined the NBCFAE, and received preferential treatment through the help of air traffic controller Shelton Snow. He sent her and other applicants a recorded message last February instructing them how to fill out the new take-home biographical questionnaire.
    “Keep in mind we are trying to maximize your opportunities,” stated Snow, the local NBCFAE chapter president, in the recording, according to Shapiro.