Wednesday, September 23, 2009

College Admission Websites

CampusQuest Index

Websites for statistics and reviews

College data. Compute admission chances. Scatterchart of admitted students
Register and get messages from colleges. Apply for scholarships
College Admissions Services. You can pay for computing chances of getting into school
Here's their college rankings: Find colleges in ACT range 31-36 in New York
EDUERS.COM Giant info site, drill down by state to find college info or websearch into it.
College Data (scattergram of you vs competition and previous classes)

College Board reference (the SAT people)

College Prowler - Funny, stereotyped reviews from student interviews
Student Review - "uncensored" User generated content
Seattle Metropolitan 2008 Ranking of Northwest colleges

General Information

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  1. pretty good list. I would also add (maybe in place of they have the best predictions, and it's free. go4ivy is a rip-off ($20 per school? wtf).