Saturday, September 19, 2009

Corban College "Lifestyle Responsibilities" for REAL Christians

So far in our search, I like the idea of a Catholic college more than the generic conservative Christian one, they seem to be pretty strong academically (Santa Clara, Seattle University), and not as kooky liberal as the big godless state schools or liberal christian campuses (SPU in Seattle let students be homeless for a weekend as an activity) or quite as uber-family values as some of the christian ones. Here's something that caught my eye. Again, this must be one of the schools that figured out that "other" for religion means evangelical non-denominational, which is where we go now, though I and prospective freshman are baptized Catholic.

Lifestyle Responsibilities

As a Christian college, Corban is committed to providing a Christian education for life and service. It is our conviction that learning and the Christian faith are inseparable. We are committed to the Bible as our standard of faith and practice. We believe that the Christian life is positive rather than negative. We also believe, however, that it is in the best interest of the College to be specific with respect to certain standards.
Corban students are responsible to abstain from practices that are biblically condemned. In addition, students are responsible for upholding behavioral standards that promote a community atmosphere conducive to growth. These require a member of the Corban community to abstain from sexual impurity, as well as the possession and use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and non-medicinal drugs. Students are responsible to use care in their choice of entertainment and to refrain from all morally degrading aspects of the theater, entertainment media, and literature. Corban students are also responsible for being faithful in church, chapel, and class attendance.
All applicants accepted will be supplied with a Student Handbook and asked at registration to sign a contract agreeing to abide by the standards of the College. It is suggested that you read the handbook carefully before enrolling. While it is recognized that some may not have personal convictions wholly in accord with these responsibilities and standards, the underlying purposes and ideals necessitate the student's willingness to modify his or her own personal conduct while under the jurisdiction of the College, fully understanding that this is in the best interest of the academic community he or she has chosen to join.

Are you struggling or have you struggled with lifestyle issues (drinking, drugs, sexual impurity, or degrading entertainment) that would conflict with these behavioral standards?

On top of an official transcript and test scores, you need your Christian Character Reference (ow wow...)

Now that would scare away some people, but for other people who run their lives at a "higher stanard" like the Kosher hot dog ad, this might be a selling point.

If you're virtuous enough to apply to a place like this, here's there "premier" application

Apply by Nov 18 and you'll get
  • 2 week admission decision
  • No essay
  • Priority scholarship consideration
  • No application fee
Act now!

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  1. Hurray for Corban for sticking to their "guns"! It is rare in today's enrollment process to see such high standards requested. I highly doubt that those who have dealt with drinking, drugs, sexual impurity, etc. would not be accepted. A changed life is testimony to this. It is great they have a Christian character reference. It holds the student accountible to Corban's (and the Bible's) higher standards of living.