Monday, September 28, 2009

Colleges with Lots of (Too many?) Asians

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Disclosure: This review is by an Asian Dad so I CAN have some fun with this....

1. University of California, Irvine 10,450 (University of Chinese Immigrants)
2. University of California, Berkeley 9,873 (Berzerkly)
3. University of Califfornia, Los Angeles 9,784 (University of Caucasians Living Among Asians)
4. University of California, Davis 9,120
5. University of California, San Diego 8,830
6. University of Hawaii, Manoa 8,546
7. San Jose State University 8,109
8. San Francisco State University 7,355
9. University of Washington 7,155 (Wow, whoda thunk WA would be the only state besides Hawaii in top 10?)
10. California State University Long Beach 6,777

UBC = University of a Billion Chinese
There's a website someplace with dozens more wacky names....
11-20 at weblink above.

Berkeley and UCLA used to be the top picks for Asians until the Asian quota wars of the 80s, then the ones who didn't get in used Irvine as their fall-back. The irony is that the "diversity" policy ended up creating continental America's just about only predominantly or nearly-so Asian college. A decent school though. U Washington is also way up there. UCI = university of chinese immigrants :) University of British Columbia is big too.

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