Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Web Popularity Contest: 4International Colleges and Universities


4International Colleges and Universities

These guys list colleges by a web hit ranking, which has more to do with how famous a college is than how good it is. MIT ranks #1, Caltech is way down the list. It is a measure of how big a "name" your school has. University of Washington gets beat up a lot in reputation for being Seattle's "local" school, but ranks fairly high in national and international rankings. Worcester Polytechnic ranks no higher than University of Massachusetts Boston (where my wife went), even though it's a top tech school in Mass after MIT and Olin. But then she says she got great jobs compared to her friends who went to BU, Amherst and WPI. BU ranks higher than Brown (which is harder to get into). Santa Clara ranks higher than WSU Wash State, though WSU is huge in Wash.

I put in the top schools (they disable cut and paste on the web page!) and a few schools that we're looking at.

International higher education directory and search engine
Colleges ranked by web popularity in 200 countries
2009 University Rankings
(MIT beats Harvard, Berkeley, and Yale)
1. MIT
2. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
3. Harvard
4. University of California, Berkeley
5. Cornell University
6. Purdue University
7. Yale University
8. University of Cambridge, UK
9. Indiana University System
10. University of Oxford UK
60. University of Washington
63. University of California, Los Angeles
83. University of Southern California
89. University of California Irvine
101. Boston University
162. Brown University
382. Santa Clara University
757. Washington State University
789. Tufts University
1143. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1221. University of Massachusetts Boston
1546. Seattle University
Popular college in North America
1. MIT
2. Harvard
3. University of California, Berkeley
4. Cornell University
5. Purdue University
6. Yale University
7. Indiana University System
8. University of California System
9. Stanford University
10. Penn State University
11. University of Texas at Austin
12. University of Michigan
13. University of Washington
14. University of Pennsylvania
32. University of Southern California
39. University of British Columbia
40. University of Chicago
44. Boston University
53. Oregon State University
57. University of Oregon
62. California Institute of Technology
66. Brown University
69. Drexel University
71. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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