Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Enthusiastic about NYU Fieldwork!

NYU (New York University) sends out a newspaper sized flyer to parents, and another one to students. This one caught my eye:

.. enrolled at NYU's Silver school of Social Work, hopes her field placement will confirm that she has what it will take to succeed as a social worker. "I am doing a field placement as a student social worker with the Institute for Community Living's SPOT program, which is in the Specialized Outreach Team"... "Our consumers are HIV positive, mentally ill, or substance abusing, and they are noncompliant with with their medication. I want to devote my life to HIV/AIDS education and awareness and to helping those who have already been infected. My field placement with SPOT is a wonderful fit. It has confirmed for me that I've chosen the right career path and that I'll be a compassionate, caring social worker".

Wow. What enthusiasm. And some parents are scared of their kids going into the military???

The gigs with the United Nations, Macy's world class hotels and Saturday Night Live sound a lot more fun, and they do claim a 92 percent employment and professional school placement rate.


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