Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rich Chinese Students Quit HS and Blow $16,000 On Test Prep For US College Prep

Rich Chinese Student Quit HS and Blows $16,000 On Test Prep For US College Prep

China is #1 source of foreign students, twice as many as #2 India

  1. Chinese students flock to U.S. exams to chase college dreams ...,0,229865...

    16 hours ago - HONG KONG (Reuters) - Chinese students form the largest ... for tests required by U.S. universities, including the SAT and the TOEFL ... in high school, where teachers put too much pressure on us," Li said. ... said lawyer Li Xuezong, who accompanied his son to Hong Kong. ... Chicago's oldest zoo animals  ...

    To pursue his dream of going to a U.S. university, Li Shiyuan, 17, quit high school in May.

    He began in Beijing, by attending three courses to train for tests required by U.S. universities, including the SAT and the TOEFL English-language test.

    This month, he sat the SAT exam for the second time in an effort to better his previous score and he plans to return to the Hong Kong test center in December.

    "It's much better than in high school, where teachers put too much pressure on us," Li said.

    His training for the exams has cost 100,000 yuan ($16,400), almost five times the annual disposable income of the average Chinese city-dweller.

    "As long as the family can afford it, I would like my child to go abroad for university to learn some real stuff," said lawyer Li Xuezong, who accompanied his son to Hong Kong.

    Nearly 200,000 Chinese students were at U.S. universities in the 2011/12 academic year, almost double the number from India, the second-largest group

    he 2011/12 academic year saw a surge of nearly a third in undergraduates from China, to about 75,000,

    Families typically save at least 1 million yuan ($164,000) for four years of college in America, but about 12 percent of China's 1.35 billion people still live on less than $1.25 a day.

    Zong said as many as 450,000 Chinese would go overseas for education this year, with the U.S. the most popular destination.

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