Monday, November 4, 2013

Computer Science Vs Liberal Arts

  1. Computer Science Vs Liberal Arts at Stanford

    1. Is the Liberal Arts to Blame for Sending so many Stanford students

      Feb 20, 2012 - In short, Stanford is to blame for offering so many liberal arts classes that are .... Maybe – some days I wish I was forced to take a computer science class my ...... Just today, the Wall Street Journal reported that the share of U.S.  ...

    2. Penn State Tops Recruiter Rankings - Wall Street Journal

      Recruiters made clear they preferred big state schools over elite liberal arts schools, such as the Ivies. ... Stanford University, for example, was ranked No. ... where it hirescomputer-science graduates from Carnegie Mellon University (No.

    3. Humanities Fall From Favor - Wall Street Journal

      Jun 6, 2013 - Lytle is studying computer science, in part because of the preferred job... Universities' humanities divisions and liberal-arts colleges across the  ...

      U.S. NEWS

      Humanities Fall From Favor

      Far Fewer Harvard Students Express Interest in Field With Weak Job Prospects

      The humanities division at Harvard University, for centuries a standard-bearer of American letters, is attracting fewer undergraduates amid concerns about the degree's value in a rapidly changing job market.
      university report being released Thursday suggests the division aggressively market itself to freshmen and sophomores, create a broader interdisciplinary framework to retain students and build an internship network to establish the value of the degree in the workforce.

      Among recent college graduates who majored in English, the unemployment rate was 9.8%; for philosophy and religious-studies majors, it was 9.5%; and for history majors, it was also 9.5%, according to a report this month by the Georgetown Public Policy Institute that used data from 2010 and 2011.

      chemistry graduates were unemployed at a rate of just 5.8%; and elementary-education graduates were at 5%.

    Stanford's Top Major Is Now Computer Science - Robinson Meyer ...

    Jun 29, 2012 - In the muscular years of 1955 and 1965, when any liberal artsdegree ... Stanford adores computer science, clearly; and we, in turn, tend to  ...

The starting pay of certain liberal arts majors generally clocks in well below that of graduates in engineering fields, according to a Wall Street Journal study.
Graduates with engineering degrees earned average starting pay of $56,000 in their first full-time jobs out of college, topping other majors. Communications and English majors only earned $34,000 in their first jobs.

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