Friday, January 3, 2014

Colleges With Extended Application Deadlines 2014

Jan 8 
Brandeis (Jewish-run alternative to Harvard) 39% admit 13% Asian

Jan 15 
USC (#9 ranked engineering, not as good as Stanford or MIT but still top 10 in Los Angeles) 20% admit Forbes #63 22.8% Asian
Macalester (Nice Twin Cities liberal arts school with science / computer science) ~40% admit rate
Seattle University (Private catholic alternative to U Washington)
Northeastern (Decent engineering school some use as backup for Harvard or MIT)
Washington University St Louis (Very elite Missouri school, good money) 18% admit forbes #57 15% Asian
Vanderbilt (extended) (Southern alternative to Ivy or Stanford) 13% admit Forbes #37 7.5% Asian
Villanova (northwest of Philadelphia) Highly rated Catholic University with good sports teams. Top 15 engineering US News (non-PhD)

Jan 31 
Western Washington University (West Washington backup for U Washington if you don't like Pullman)

Feb 1 
U Wisconsin Madison 2nd admit pool
Perdue (#8 ranked engineering USNews) but Nov is deadline for scholarships and nursing 61% admit

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